Time tracking software is a great tool for accurately capturing and reporting on an employee’s time and productivity. It assists in managing schedules, facilitating human resources, organizing the workforce, and measuring performance. With the increase in hybrid working, where managers cannot physically ‘see’ what their team is working on, Time Tracking has become the essential tool to increase visibility into team performance.

When looking to implement a Time Tracking solution, companies can sometimes face concerns from employees over micromanaging or feeling intimidated. However, if companies implement a time-tracking solution correctly, are these concerns actually valid?

Empowering management to optimize their workforce

At CloudCapcha, our mission is to re-invent time recording, by intelligently tracking a user’s digital journey right inside of Microsoft Teams. Not only does it save employees time but it also gives accounting firms the data they need to empower their staff to drive productivity through increasing efficiencies, not through burnout.

Accurate data insights empower management:

  • Productivity oversight – some team members may be more productive at certain times of the day. Managers can use this automated data to their advantage by helping to manage their time better and assist them in meeting their targets
  • Wellness – management can get ahead of employee burnout by ensuring they are not being overworked.
  • Work/life balance – help employees balance their non-working priorities, for example, if an employee needs to incorporate childcare into their working day, they may want to adjust the time they start or finish work
  • Motivation – managers can use accurate data insights to reward employees who meet and exceed their targets or provide training to help those in need of additional support.

Empowering individuals to boost productivity

Data insights are not only useful for managers, but they can also empower staff to better manage their own time or support them in getting more help if they are being overworked.

It can give individuals a sense of security, knowing that any extra hours they are working are accounted for as well as helping develop trust within their team that they are all working towards hitting their targets.

All data collected around an employee’s digital journey is always presented to that employee first, so everything remains transparent.  This means they can learn about how they work, about any distractions, and how to minimise these. These insights are things that would normally go unnoticed in the rush and turmoil of their busy days and are designed to improve their work/life balance. Ultimately, WorkCapcha empowers employees to change how they choose to live and work for the better.

The balancing act

Without a Time Tracking solution in place, managers will already have an idea of how their team members are performing. The problem is, they won’t have accurate data to support their perception, or to understand why. Without this data, managers lack the insights they need to optimize team performance.

When firms implement a Time Tracking solution, they need to be mindful of concerns over micromanagement and effective communication with the business.