Time & Productivity in Accounting firms needs a fresh approach. We automate time recording so you can focus on your clients and their work. You get to bill more time, to understand your costs and get the data to drive your process improvements.

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Seamless DayBook

WorkCapcha's DayBook removes the traditional approach to completing a timesheet by recording when software applications are used to provide client outcomes. Time recording has traditionally been reactive, difficult, time-consuming and prone to high leakages of chargeable effort. It was often inaccurate and at times seemed more a work of fiction than a factual record.

The WorkCapcha DayBook is responsive, it minimises the leakage of chargeable effort and maximises productivity and billing for your Accounting firm.

WorkCapcha is being updated continually to add new DayBook integrations that are sector-specific for accounting firms. As a SaaS platform, your firm benefits from an update cycle that is continually keeping the application at the forefront of user requirements.

Client Management Solutions

Communication and Collaboration

Office 365



Captures your digital activity from the above applications and automates time recording.

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Greater User Experience

The DayBook automatically collates activities to create entries for the employees' timesheets. WorkCapcha is built in accordance with the user experience standards of Microsoft Teams.

The calendar view enables users to review their week at a glance and removes the outdated row by column approach of traditional timesheets.

By complementing the UX standards laid out by Microsoft Teams and by being 'one-click' away from a Video Call or Teams Channel, users enjoy a seamless experience that is familiar and reduces the need to remember application-specific commands.

It all feels like one single consistent solution.

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The data captured by WorkCapcha takes a firm way beyond a traditional time recording exercise. As well as an engine for recording the chargeable time, WorkCapcha also enables the User to understand where their time disappears, highlighting waste. WorkCapcha gives the CFO and the Executive team detailed insights into the true cost of production. WorkCapcha will help answer questions like:-

What is the true margin being achieved on the services provided to each client?

Which applications are contributing to the leakage of chargeable time?

Where do we need to provide more training to improve the efficiency in using one application platform compared to another?


Teams & The Cloud

Microsoft Teams is on a roll right now, one which has been accelerating since it was first launched a few years ago. Microsoft has shown that they are much more agile and responsive with rolling out new features than in the past. This isn’t an ecosystem that will get a new version every 2 years. Teams updates on a cadence that involves multiple new updates every month. It’s an exciting place to be working as new capabilities are being unlocked all the time.

Microsoft Teams is fast becoming the de-facto place for users to get stuff done at work. Microsoft is making it the centre of the Office 365 world.

Inside Teams, with a single click, you are using WorkCapcha, collaborating with many of the other business applications which you use every day.

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We automate time recording so you can focus on your clients and their work. You get to bill more time, understand your costs and get the data to drive your process improvements.

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