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It’s time you said hello to automated time recording

Say goodbye to inaccurate, painful, and time-consuming timesheets. WorkCapcha makes the time recording process as simple and efficient as possible by automating time tracking right inside Microsoft Teams. It seamlessly integrates into a firm’s existing Practice Management Systems, such as CCH, APS and Practice Engine, and billing systems to automatically track, convert, and analyse the user’s digital journey, allowing your firm to experience more time to spend on what matters while boosting profitability.

It’s time you let WorkCapcha free you from the burden of recreating your day!


Automated and integrated

WorkCapcha seamlessly connects to your existing Practice Management Systems and accounting applications, automating the capture of activities for effortless record-keeping. Learn more about our integrations.

Capture ALL digital activity

WorkCapcha ensures you capture the most accurate view of a user’s working day. Use the WorkCapcha Desktop App or Browser Extension to capture URLs, web applications or desktop applications. Firms can manage what gets tracked so the content is only relevant to a user’s working day.   

Mobile access

Keep up with client demands on the go by accessing WorkCapcha within your Microsoft Teams mobile app.


Daily activities

Employees are presented with their daily activities and decide what to convert from their DayBook into their timesheet.

Intelligent rules

To make the time conversion process even more efficient, WorkCapcha will automatically reject any private appointments from being converted into their timesheet. The Aggregated Activities feature ensures WorkCapcha will automatically group related activities together to further speed up the time entry process. 

Pre-populated filters

WorkCapcha uses machine learning algorithms to pre-populate a number of filters to expedite the timesheet conversion process.


Data for smarter decisions

WorkCapcha offers management dashboards that provide crucial data insights for smarter decision-making, helping firms optimise productivity and reduce non-billable hours.
For enhanced reporting, utilise our InfoCapcha tool to create custom reports and broaden your insights.

Encourage happier, healthier teams

Support employees in managing their work/life balance. Use trends to get ahead of staff burnout.

Empowering employees

WorkCapcha offers personal dashboards for self-evaluation, productivity mastery, distraction reduction, and prioritising what matters most.

Getting Started


WorkCapcha is built inside of Microsoft Teams and already integrates with your existing accounting applications, so we can set you up quickly with minimal training needed.

Client Success

Your dedicated client success manager will ensure that your onboarding experience is as smooth as possible and stay with you on your journey to success with WorkCapcha.


Our dedicated support team will be available if you need any additional help.


Increase billing by reducing the leakage of unrecorded time
Factual insights into the cost of production lead to improvements in gross margin
Firms can make data-driven decisions to empower their teams to work smarter
Support employees in managing their work/life balance & use trends to get ahead of staff burnout
Employees spend less time reconstructing their day and more time on their clients

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