Managing Partners

Your time is priceless

Let WorkCapcha help you meet your demands

It’s about time we helped you make the most of time

Right now, you are fighting to win the war for talent with attrition at an all-time high. Strategies to improve your firm’s brand and status are a top priority. 

While this battle is going on, there is additional pressure to increase Practice performance, attract high-value clients and improve on-time billing performance. 

Let us help you meet these demands.

Propel your firm into a new era of growth 

By presenting a thorough and accurate window into your firm’s time, WorkCapcha empowers you to make strategic decisions with confidence, including those related to pricing, productivity, client satisfaction, and beyond. 

Cultivate a stronger, happier working culture 

By taking the pain out of time recording, you are giving your employees the greatest gift of all – time back to spend on what they truly value. This is something money can’t buy – time – the currency of life. 


Increase practice productivity

Increase practice profitability

Reduce revenue leakage

Make more informed decisions

Understand and prioritise high-value clients

Strengthen client relationships with accurate invoices

Increase efficiencies by automatically recording time

Support firm wellness objectives

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