Making the most of time

Maximise your team’s productivity and billing potential with CloudCapcha’s automated time recording solution in Microsoft Teams.

Capture every billable moment

WorkCapcha prevents billable time from slipping away, so you can reduce revenue leakage, bill accurately and boost your firm’s overall profitability.

Make every second count

With WorkCapcha, you can make data-driven decisions to empower employees to work smarter, not harder. Analyse your true cost of production and use insights to support employees in managing their work-life balance.

Embrace modern technology

WorkCapcha is available in the cloud and on the go. It sits inside Microsoft Teams, the tool you already use every day, to enhance collaboration and reduce the strain on your IT department.

How it works


WorkCapcha connects to your existing accounting applications so activities will automatically appear in your DayBook.


Employees are presented with their digital journey first, so they decide what to convert from their DayBook into their timesheet. The time entries then appear in your Practice Management System, ready for billing.


Turn accurate data into insights to boost productivity and profitability through efficiency.

Stay Connected

WorkCapcha seamlessly integrates into your firm’s existing Practice Management Systems, billing systems and a number of native integrations from applications you use every day.  Our DayBook API allows you to connect to any app in your tech stack to ensure you are capturing your entire working digital journey as you go. 

WorkCapcha for:

Managing Partners

Helping you meet your demands

Finance Leaders

Transforming the billing process

IT Leaders

Getting more from your Microsoft investment

Innovation Leaders

Optimising your transformation strategy

Heads of Outsourcing

Helping you offer competitive cost solutions

Featured Success Stories

"It has definitely increased our billing. The insights it provides around time not being charged to clients that are proving most valuable to the practice.”
Pitcher Partners

Adam Irwin, Managing Partner

"We love WorkCapcha. It’s helping us to see the true cost of a job. Most of all, it saves our people approximately 40 minutes a day each compared to manually completing a timesheet"

Armstrong Watson

Toby Woodhead, Head of Technology

"We are definitely recording more time that inevitably will result in increased billing. I would estimate that between 10-15% of emails sent in the past, may have been missed and not billed."
Goodman Jones

Matthew Cooke, Partner

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