We are thrilled to announce the launch of WorkCapcha 12, the latest evolution in our commitment to simplifying and enhancing the time recording process. Designed to empower users and firms alike, WorkCapcha 12 introduces innovative features that take automation and efficiency to unprecedented levels.

 The spotlight of this release is on the all-new WorkCapcha Desktop App and Browser Extension. We understand the dynamic nature of work, and this new release empowers users to capture the entire digital journey from their working day directly into the WorkCapcha Daybook, making time recording as efficient and accurate as possible.

 Firms can take control of which websites and desktop applications they want to track relevant to their employee’s working day.

 This release also includes a new ‘Aggregated Activities’ feature where WorkCapcha automatically groups related activities together to speed up time entry completion.

 CloudCapcha is paving the way for an even more intuitive and intelligent time-tracking experience in our next WorkCapcha 13 release.  Our machine learning algorithms will learn to proactively convert activities into time entries and make personalised recommendations in a user’s Daybook.

 WorkCapcha continues to provide firms with a complete, accurate view of their time, enabling strategic decisions that propel businesses into a new era of growth.