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We’re proud to announce the latest updates to WorkCapcha – our automated time recording solution for accounting firms.

WC Tax Xpa

APS Tax and XPA

Firms using APS Tax and XPA can now benefit from all the activity within these applications being automatically entered into the WorkCapcha DayBook. Never miss or forget to populate your timesheet with the activity no matter how large or small.

The new connection enables firms to capture not just the client’s name, but also the duration of time worked. Understanding the true cost of production just got easier!

WC pe

Practice Engine

Our connection to Practice Engine is now complete giving IRIS clients the ability to enhance their Practice Management system and take the timesheet to the cloud within Microsoft Teams. WorkCapcha tracks the digital journey, enabling Practice Engine firms to ‘capcha’ more time, increase revenue, and reduce that leakage, without changing the Practice Management system.

There is no disruption to your timesheet approval or billing process when adopting WorkCapcha.

Firms using Practice Engine can now take advantage of automated timesheets within Microsoft Teams, along with those firms using APS Practice Management.

Our connection to CCH is coming soon – contact us for more information.

WC silverfin


In addition to the Xero Browser extension that is already available in WorkCapcha, release 7 delivers the ability to track the client and duration of time spent when working in Silverfin.

We all know that users move from one client to another during the day and it’s difficult to track and remember which clients you have focused on, so let WorkCapcha automatically track your activity in Silverfin.

WorkCapcha will populate your ‘DayBook’ with the client’s name and duration of time that you have spent in Xero and Silverfin.

Timer WC

Smart web browser timer

The new smart web browser timer enables users to track activity when accessing ‘ANY’ websites like Companies House, or HMRC for example, or when using web browser applications like CaseWare Cloud, or payroll solutions.

You are in constant control of which browser tabs you wish to monitor. As you move from one tab to another, the smart timers automatically pause and re-start so that only one timer is running at a time.

You can add meaningful descriptions to the timer, and even allocate the client, and job of work details.

Once you have completed your work, you can either let the Browser extension automatically create Activities in your DayBook, which can then be converted into time entries with a couple of clicks, or you can stop the timer in the desktop to create the time entry there and then.

Desktop timers

You can now create multiple timers from the WorkCapcha desktop app to track the duration of time being spent on various projects. You can track something as simple as project planning or brain storming. Just start the timer and complete the narration, and optionally add Client, and job of work details. When you stop the timer, those details will automatically populate into a time entry.


WorkCapcha expenses

Submitting your expenses is now easy with WorkCapcha Expenses, especially for those employees who are out and about meeting clients. Just use the Microsoft Teams mobile app to upload your receipts and submit your expense claim, or use the WorkCapcha Desktop app within Microsoft Teams, to make your submission. The data will be synchronised with your Practice Management system, so that the claim can be processed in the normal way. Once again, no disruption to your existing processes, but a nice and easy experience for the employee. Currently available to APS users.

WC api

WorkCapcha API

The WorkCapcha API gives firms the freedom to populate the ‘DayBook’ securely and automatically with even more activities that can then be converted to time entries. The API serves as an interface between your applications and WorkCapcha, opening a world of opportunities and increasing the activities that can be added to the ‘DayBook’.

From Zoom calls to Payroll solutions, to bespoke applications especially written, the API will allow firms to extract the client’s name and duration of an activity and populate the ‘DayBook’ adding more accurate time to the timesheet, increasing revenue, and reducing leakage across all departments.

Just request access to the WorkCapcha Starter kit and we will share the credentials that you need to connect your applications to the WorkCapcha DayBook.

Budget hours

You can now see your budget hours and compare them to your actual hours in the DayBook. This helps you to see at a glance how you are performing against your measures.

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