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The future is cloud-based, connected software, with open API's supporting deep integrations.

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First and foremost, we are not just a software solution provider. We are also a strategic partner to large and mid-tier Accounting Firms around the world helping them leverage the power of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS platforms. Our clients can vouch for our knowledge and experience in delivering enterprise solutions that scale.

There is no doubt now that the future is cloud-based, connected software, with open API's supporting deep integrations. The benefits from working on an open technology stack are well known, including improved collaboration amongst staff members, process efficiencies, faster response to clients, and easier adoption of new platforms. For now, though, the reality is that Accounting Firms still work with restricted legacy software systems with closed or no APIs. We deeply understand this environment.

CloudCapcha deals with this challenge. We gather key data from systems regardless of their age and design, regardless of whether there’s an API, an SDK or just some browser interaction. CloudCapcha lifts some of the frustration experienced by firms with dated user interfaces by creating a new way for users to interact with their legacy systems.

Accounting Firms get to avoid disruption and expensive change programs. Your employees have a better time, book more time, work more productively.

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Meet Our Team

Our team draws together some remarkable people, individuals with skills and experience in Accounting, Fintech and Banking, designing and building cloud software that leverages the platform and infrastructure (PaaS & IaaS ) investments an accounting firm embraces in the modern transforming IT landscape.

It is no longer a matter of if you should move to the cloud but of how. It's in our blood to continually learn and keep up with the technologies that will benefit our clients. It's often the case that today we can achieve in a day what six months ago would have taken a week.

Recommended platforms

Our partners who drive the return on investment from the CloudCapcha platform.

  • Microsoft
  • Xero
  • SugarCRM
  • Digital 100 Alliance
  • Zendesk

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