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27-29 April 2022: The Alternative Accountancy Management Summit and The Alternative Accountancy Strategic IT Conference

The Alternative Accountancy Strategic IT Conference (AASIT) demonstrates how an accounting firm can build the business case to adopt technology and tackle the internal cultural challenges faced when developing a digital strategy. Our CEO, Brian Coventry, will hosting one of the roundtable sessions at the event covering: Empowering productivity and performance in firms.

This roundtable will focus on time recording and productivity within the Practice Management system exploring the challenges of legacy practice management systems and how technologies are helping firms enhance productivity in the changing workplace, enabling employees to focus on delivering the service and value expected by clients.

Now in its sixth year, the conference is created exclusively for those leading tech in accountancy. The conference will equip accountancy leaders to continue building the business case for tech adoption and tackle the internal cultural challenges faced when developing a digital strategy. Topics will focus on firms becoming digital, digital skills, talent required, customer-centric innovation and workplace transformation.

We’ll be showcasing our cloud-based solutions which bring a fresh approach to time recording and productivity in Accountancy Firms, without changing a Practice Management system.

The Alternative Accountancy Management Summit has also been expanded to a full-day event which takes place on the 27 April the day before AASIT. The summit is designed exclusively for managing and senior partners of accountancy practices, with a focus on helping you develop and activate your firm's purpose, grow your leadership skills, and attract/retain talent.

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10 March 2022: Introduction to WorkCapcha

With our connection to Practice Engine complete and CCH due in the Summer, we are hosting a Live Webinar where you can see for yourself how WorkCapcha will enhance your existing Practice Management system and take the Timesheet to the Cloud, within Microsoft Teams.

Because WorkCapcha tracks your digital journey, completing your Timesheet is not only easy, it's accurate and reduces the leakage of Time and Money. The Dashboard will show individuals, Managers and Partners insights that they have ‘NEVER’ seen before.

8-9 November 2021: The Alternative Accountancy Strategic IT Conference

The Alternative Accountancy Strategic IT Conference is set to define how technology can benefit both your accountancy practice and your clients. Our CEO, Brian Coventry, will be one of the speakers at the event. Read more...

21-22 October 2021: MSI International Conference

We're proud sponsors of the virtual conference which offers an engaging programme of keynote speakers and interactive sessions for attendees from law and accounting firms. Read more...

29-30 September 2021: AIT UK Conference

The conference brings together IT directors and senior staff from UK accountancy firms providing insights, round table discussions and networking opportunities. The conference will focus on the theme - a roadmap for the future. The agenda features our CEO, Brian Coventry, who will be a speaking on the topic of performance, productivity, and profitability. Read more...

17 June 2021: The Digital Accountancy Forum: We were proud sponsors at this event where our CEO, Brian Coventry, spoke on the topic of Productivity, Performance & Profit.

17 February 2021: Digital 100 Alliance Webinar: As part of the Digital 100 Alliance, our CEO Brian Coventry hosted a panel discussion on how Microsoft will supercharge accountancy practices in 2021.

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