WorkCapcha adopted at Goodman Jones LLP

Our WorkCapcha solution was adopted by top 100 Accounting Firm, Goodman Jones LLP, to help the firm explore how to increase productivity.

Goodman Jones LLP’s digital strategy for the last few years has been to move as much of its ‘tech stack’ to the cloud and like most Accountancy Firms, the pandemic highlighted the importance of this strategy.

A key part of this strategy was Microsoft Teams which had been implemented six months prior to the first lockdown. Microsoft Teams was already a natural place for the firm to be which also made collaboration and working from home easier for the team. Aware of the numerous apps available in Microsoft Teams, Matthew Cook, a Partner at the firm, was keen to explore how to increase productivity.

Download our Goodman Jones LLP case study to find out how WorkCapcha is helping the firm reduce time leakage, increase revenue and provide data insights into true cost of production.

WorkCapcha for Accounting Firms

Built specifically for Microsoft Azure and Teams, WorkCapcha delivers a fresh approach to time recording and productivity in Accounting Firms.

WorkCapcha is 100% SaaS, in the cloud and integrated to the Microsoft Azure and Teams platform connecting to widely used Practice Management systems, so there is little disruption to the current billing process.

If your firm is concerned about inaccuracy of timesheets and the impact this has on your revenue, book a consultation today.


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